The VR Hardware Ecosystem This Summer / by Yiliu Shen-Burke


I recently came across this very thorough VR ecosystem map created by Greenlight VR, which aims "to clarify the various industry sectors and companies, as well as the relationships between them." It's a commendable attempt to organize the very complex and ever-evolving situation on-the-ground in VR, but looking at the chart made my head spin pretty badly.

For those who are still relatively new to the world of VR (like myself), but are eager to start making virtual worlds to experience and share with others, Greenlight's chart might make the chaos and fragmentation of the VR market 'clear' to the point of abject intimidation. I realized that content creators would benefit from a quick and easy way to keep track of the primary VR options available to the person-on-the-street, if only as a very basic component of audience research. Hence, the following chart:

VR Ecosystem Infographic